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'Fowl Play' concertina fold, soft cover book


Image of 'Fowl Play' concertina fold, soft cover book

My poor hens where gobbled up by what I can only assume was Mr Fox. When I discovered their disappearance my first reaction was to document the event with my camera, gruesome I know, but it proved useful for this project.

Because of the shock value of the event, (little heaps of feathers deposited around their coop presented me with a vivid picture of the hens ending) I wanted to distance myself from the realities of their violent death and chose to portray the incident as folk tale.

Because of its inherent qualities, I chose to use linocut. Linocut encourages an exaggerated essence of a subject, within which it's practicable to create an easily identifiable visual likeness, without the need for too much detail.

The concertina fold presented the best option of showing a story slowly unfolding before the viewer, in an echo of the way I found the remains of my hens.

Size closed 210mm x 248mm